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Experiential VR

Learning & Development

for your teams

Why VR for Learning & Development?

VR is rapidly being adopted in the world of learning and development, with good reason. The technology is now sufficiently mature that the experiences are now realistic and extremely engaging. This means companies can test skills, knowledge and behaviours across a range of real world situations.

VR also gives us the unique capacity to place delegates anywhere in the universe, in scenes and scenarios they have never experienced before. This uniqueness levels the playing field as all your team will be experiencing this for first time.

The most compelling reason however is the huge amount of engagement VR creates, delegates become completely absorbed in the experience, this in turn creating high energy, highly engaged learning experiences for your teams.

Who is this for?

This is for organisations that would like more than fun team building, to be able to develop their teams and have them reflect at the end of the day on key learning identified during the VR activities.

At the end of the day we debrief with the teams and reflect on their experiences to draw out their learning from the VR team building activities.

These experiences are still extremely fun and engaging so provide the same positive experience as the fun team building events.

Virtual Reality Team Building Online UK

VR Soft Skills Training

We also offer more than VR team building and have off the shelf VR products to develop office staff across a range of soft skills areas.

Please contact us to discuss your soft skills requirements for your organisation.