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VR Teamworking

Team Development & Assessment the VR way

VR Team Building

Why VR for assessing teams?

During our VR team building events our clients and delegates are always surprised just how immersive VR really is, so much so we have to manage some individuals carefully as they embrace the virtual environment so completely.

The flip side of this is we get to see their real life behaviours, individuals really do forget the real world as they become engrossed in the task or challenge at hand during.

We use this phenomena to allow us to see how teams work together, their natural behavioural preferences and it is this that makes our VR assessment days so powerful for our clients.

Who is it for?

We can run our VR team assessment days for any type of cohort, graduates, front line managers or senior leaders, like our VR team building it can be flexibly applied depending on the outcomes required.

We can use off the shelf platforms we have designed or we can create new branded activities that tap into particular competencies or values that you want to assess on the day.


Unlike our VR Team building this service by its nature requires group sizes that are smaller, depending on the structure of your development or assessment center, typically groups work together in smaller sizes of 4 to 6.

We do not recommend VR for longer than 30 mins at a time, so activities are designed with this in mind.

We use the latest wireless VR equipment allowing your delegates to free roam their VR experience unencumbered by a tethered cable.