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VR Team Building

VR Leadership Training

WE Are the

VR Leadership Experts

Our background is in the development and delivery of leadership programmes across different sectors and all levels in organisations.

This extensive experience allows us to link modern leadership theory and practice to the new opportunities that virtual reality offers for leadership development.

We understand VR and we understand leadership and we have seen first-hand how combining these two areas creates unique learning opportunities. Surprisingly it sometimes takes virtual reality to reveal real world behavioural preferences, this due to leaders becoming so immersed in the experience and environment leading to total engagement in the challenge at hand.

We use this engagement that VR offers to stretch and develop leaders in completely new ways, not possible with traditional training no matter how well designed. Our VR leadership platform also allows us to test and develop all leaders in a group, not just the experienced leaders, we believe in developing those leadership muscles across the whole team and our VR platform allows us to do that in subtle ways that teams are unaware of.

Talk to us now to discuss how VR can help identify and develop leadership potential in all your teams not just the usual suspects.

Suitable for leaders at all levels and groups up to 16

Our leadership platform works in multiples of up to 8, so we can work with leadership teams of up to 16 in either one or two groups of 8. We can also work with smaller group sizes with a minimum group size of 4.

VR leadership sessions can be run from 1 to 4 hours depending on the depth of assessment required and also the amount of time you would like to review their behaviours and development areas.

Suitable for leaders at all levels in an organisation, our platform tests effective leadership behaviours that are broadly the same at every level, just applied in slightly different ways. For this reason our platform is suitable for leadership development at all levels in an organisation up to CEO.

VR Leadership

Training delivered onsite

Our system is mobile and our VR leadership training can be delivered at any location worldwide. We can set up at a venue of your choice and will discuss with you suitable space requirements for the platform, typically 3m x 3m per person to allow your delegates room to explore and interact with their virtual world.

VR Leadership Experts Online
Bring teams and leaders together from different locations

Our system also allows us to assess your teams and leaders even if they are at different locations. We are experienced in multi-location events and our teams have delivered simultaneous events across time zones allowing users to meet and work in the virtual space and learn together.


Leadership Platform

VR offers some unique opportunities for leadership development over traditional training methodologies. To take advantage of these we designed the platform from the ground up to examine a broad range of leadership skills relevant to the modern workplace.

The system also presents very novel challenges to teams and they will have little past frames of reference to deal with these. This leading to genuinely new problem solving in order to resolve them.

The platform has been carefully designed encourage everyone to lead, our system democratises it in fact.

This allowing leadership potential to be developed in all team members. Full control over this process allows leadership roles to be rotated and also individuals to be further stretched by extra leadership demands placed on them by the system.

All the systems features have been developed with one goal in mind, the flexibility to develop leadership potential across the whole team, not just the lucky few or those who particularly enjoy leading.

Leadership training our way.

Tailored VR Leadership Training For Your Organisation

We also offer the facility to customise our platform, if there are specific areas you wish to focus on, develop or are of critical importance to development gaps identified in your organisation then we can help.

Working with you we can amend existing exercises or develop completely new activities based on your requirements.

We can also brand the platform and bespoke the environment and also customise the data collection to capture specific data for a specific need in your organisation. Allowing you to gather valuable real world information from a totally immersive virtual world space.

VR Leadership Experts Online