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Virtual Events - Bring Your Teams Together Across the Globe

The Modern Way to Hold Events and Meet Internationally

The world has changed forever, many companies have embraced VR events and meetings and realised they can still celebrate key moments in their company in an incredibly immersive and real way.

We help companies plan, organise and implement VR events, whether it is for an important conference, company update or just to say thank you to teams working on key projects, we can help you every step of the way on this VR journey.

Companies using our VR event services have found their events are even more engaging, save large amounts of time, save large travel costs and are very well received by all delegates.

Talk to us now about your VR event plans.

Better Than In-Person Events

In a real world event you cannot change the venue at the click of a button, transport your delegates to another part of the world. In the real world you cannot magic a 3d model of a key product that delegates can then walk around and discuss.

In VR Events you can and a whole lot more, delegates can still interact normally, shake hands, collaborate and move around the venue to network and meet others plus the amazing multimedia functionality that VR events offer.

Safer, Cheaper and Kinder to the Environment, VR Events and VR Conferences Lead the Way

All organisations should be looking at how they can reduce their environmental impact, traditionally teams have travelled long distances internationally to attend company events with a corresponding impact on the environment.

From a purely cost perspective our VR event clients save on direct costs like travel, hotels, food as well as the substantial indirect costs of travel time eating into work time and also personal life.

Preparing to attend a VR Event only takes minutes, they then attend, they take their headset off and they can take a break and go back to work. In the Covid world we now live in this also makes it easy for all delegates to mix regardless of their needs to isolate or be more careful.

Event Presenters Have Complete Control Over Their VR Event

We train our clients in the use of the host controls for events and they quickly realise they have so much more control in VR Events. They can use any multi media, they can amplify their voice to everyone, take the delegates to a new world and control Q&A’s expertly as required.

We offer all the support you need and our large team will always be on hand to help with you VR events, offering technical support and also welcoming guests as they arrive at the VR event.

Logistics Are Key.

We work with companies all over the world and have helped them connect even the most remote employees to ensure they are included in these important and social experiences.

We have shipped headsets to Asia, Middle East, EU, South America and North America and can reach most countries.

We ship headsets in good time with return labels and after the event our logistics team will arrange collection so your teams do not even need to leave their home or office to return the equipment.

Better Than In-Person EventsThe Most Important Part of Our Service

Our Orientation Team

For a lot of people it may be their first experience of VR, our orientation team arrange a 1:1 with every delegate to take them through the basics and make sure they are comfortable using the equipment ready for the big day.

Regardless of their experience with technology our team will step by step and very patiently get them ready to enjoy their VR experience. We know this step is crucial to them having a positive experience and so take our time on the 1:1’s and also offer drop in sessions to support your event.

Contact Us About Your Upcoming Events This Year

We are happy to support your events from the beginning, we can advise what is possible and what works really well. We can help you plan the logistics, timing and also walk you through all the experiences you can use so the event is actually designed by you, to your exact needs.

We will be more than happy to show you how VR events work with no obligation, as we know companies have to experience it to truly understand just how amazing and immersive VR is for company events.